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            Dynamic company  

            Production of oxygen blowing pipe, plastic pipe production enterprises specializing in the production of Tianjin Yingtong metal products Co., Ltd., relying on scientific and technological progress, optimize the product structure, strengthen enterprise management, and enhance the vitality of the enterprise management principle of improving quality and reducing consumption; increase management efficiency; the unity, truth-seeking, pioneering and innovative spirit of enterprise; in the customer is God, to the user is responsible for, all for customer service purposes. To seek credit with quality, seek development by credibility.

            Production of oxygen blowing pipe
            Plastic pipe
            Thin-wall steel tube
            The new display
            热力补偿器1 热力补偿器2 热力补偿器4 热力补偿器5 热力补偿器6 热力补偿器7 热力补偿器8 热力补偿器9 热力补偿器10 热力补偿器11 热力补偿器12    
            Copyright 2013@Tianjin Yingtong metal products Co., Ltd.
            Phone:022-28517238    Fax:022-28539870      Eail:tjytjszp@126.com
            Address:Guangming industrial district (at the crossing of Jingang road and Changshen highway), Zhakou town, JIngnan district, Tianjin.

            Key words:Oxygen Lance pipe    Complete Greenhouse pipe